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BBN medium and heavy plates assist the construction of a seaside football stadium

BBN steel has supplied most of the medium and heavy plates required for the construction of the football field, and BBN high-level construction steel once again plays a major role in significant engineering projects.

In order to ensure the safety and seismic resistance of the football field, the project design requires the use of high-grade construction steel 345GJC with a maximum thickness of 100 mm. In the case of steel production, it is necessary for the steel plate to have good resistance to laminar tearing, which has high requirements for the internal quality control of the steel plate and the deformation and penetration of the rolling process. To this end, the relevant production, sales and research teams of BBN Group cooperated closely, gave full play to the advantages of technical reserves, and formulated a strict control plan covering the entire process from billet production to steel plate rolling. The production site was carefully implemented, meticulous operation, and went all out to support the project on schedule. At present, the work of guaranteeing supply is carried out in an orderly manner.

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