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What is S690QL steel plate

S690QL steel plate is a European standard special alloy structural steel, which belongs to quenched and tempered high yield strength structural steel, S means structural steel, 690 is the yield value, in MPa, Q means the delivery condition, L means the mi
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American standard SA533 GrB Cl2 pressure vessel steel plate

SA533 GrB Cl2 is an American standard nuclear power pressure vessel steel plate. SA533 GrB Cl2 steel plate is mainly used to make evaporators, pressure regulators, pressure vessels, heads and support members in nuclear power projects.SA533 GrB Cl2 steel p
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High-strength welded structural steel SM490YA steel plate

SM490YA steel plate executive standard: JISG 3106-2004.SM490YA steel sheet delivery condition: hot rolled, normalized, quenched + tempered or tempered.Chemical composition and melting analysis of SM490YA steel plate: Grade Thickness C Si Mn
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American standard SA517 Gr.A quenched and tempered steel plate

SA517 Gr.A steel plate is American standard vessel plate, quenched and tempered high-strength alloy steel for pressure vessels.SA517 Gr.A steel plate executive standard: ASME SA517/SA517M-2017
SA517 Gr.A steel plate heat treatment delivery status: quench
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Chemical composition and mechanical properties of SA517 Gr.E steel plate

1. SA517 Gr.E steel plate executive standard: ASME SA-517/SA-517M-2019.2. Delivery status of SA517 Gr.E steel plate: quenching + tempering (Q+T).3. Chemical composition of SA517 Gr.E steel plate: C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ti B 0.12-0.2
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What is the difference between A517 Gr.S and SA517 Gr.S steel plates

1. A517 Gr.S and SA517 Gr.S are the same grade, ASTM A517/A517M is equivalent to ASME SA-517/SA-517M.2. A517 Gr.S steel plate executive standard: ASTM A517/A517M; SA517 Gr.S steel plate executive technical standard: ASME SA-517/SA-517M.3. Chemical composi
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A517 Gr H steel plate datasheet

Surface quality of A517 Gr H steel plate:
1) Cracks, bubbles, scabs, folds, inclusions and other defects harmful to the use are not allowed on the surface of the steel plate. There shall be no delamination on the side of the steel plate. In case of the a
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What is the difference between SM400A, SM400B and SM400C steel plates

SM400A, SM400B and SM400C steel plates are Japanese standard rolled steel for welding structure, S represents steel, M represents welding, 400 is also the lower limit tensile strength 400MPa, A is the steel plate grade, without impact, B is the steel plat
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Introduction of 20Mn23AlV non-magnetic steel

20Mn23AlV belongs to high manganese and low magnetic steel. 20Mn23AlV non-magnetic steel is used to manufacture low magnetic plates for internal structural parts of large transformers. 20Mn23AlV steel plate has extremely low magnetic permeability, good me
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-12-30 09:43:48

High strength Q960D steel plate properties

Technical standard for Q960D steel plate: GB / T 16270-2009, Delivery status of Q960D steel plate: quenching + tempering (Q + T).Q960D is a quenched and tempered high-strength steel, which is used to make pressure shell parts, high-pressure structural par
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Q890C steel plate composition and mechanical properties

Q890C steel plate technical standard: GB/T 16270 quenched and tempered steel plate for high-strength structure.Q890C steel plate material category: low-alloy high-strength steel.Q890C steel plate description: This product is a high-strength structural ste
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-12-29 09:12:47

Q690D high-strength structural steel plate

Q690D high-strength structural steel plate can require thickness direction performance, Z15, Z25,
Z35, such as Q690D-Z15, Q690D-Z25, Q690D-Z35, etc.
Q690D steel plate technical standard: GB/T 16270.
Q690D steel plate heat treatment: Q+T, quenching + te
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30CrMo steel plate smelting method, chemical and mechanical properties

30CrMo steel plate smelting method:
Converter / electric furnace steelmaking → LF furnace refining → VD furnace vacuum degassing → continuous casting / die casting / electroslag → cleaning and heating → rollin
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SA283 GrA carbon structural steel plates

SA283 GrA and SA283 Gr.A are the same grade with different writing methods. They are carbon structural steel plates with less than 0.8% carbon. The sulfur, phosphorus and non-metals inclusions contained in SA283 GrA steel are fewer than in carbon structur
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Applicable scope of horizontal cylindrical oil tank

Horizontal cylindrical oil tanks are widely used. Because the horizontal cylindrical oil tank has the ability to withstand higher positive pressure and negative pressure, it is beneficial to reduce the evaporation loss of oil and also reduces the risk of
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Types of metal oil storage tanks

Oil storage tank is a container for storing oil products and oil and water-based chemical raw materials. It is the main storage equipment for oil depots and chemical plants.Oil storage tanks can be divided into underground oil tanks, semi-underground oil
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1112 tons Q235B SPCC SGCC CGCC PPGI coils to Guinee

1.Background Information
Our client is a Lebanese OFFSHORE company operating in 7 African countries.
( Guinee Conakry, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinee Bissau, Ghana, Angola and Nigeria under the name of CIC LTD) with the sector of the industrial , fishing
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Japanese standard SM490YB welded structural steel

Japanese standard SM490YB welded structural steel is similar to the Chinese standard high weather resistance structural steel Q345GNHL, but it is not the same, and its composition and properties are somewhat different. SM490YB is a structural steel produc
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-12-18 09:54:48

Japanese standard low-alloy high-strength SM520B steel plate

SM520B steel plate is a low-alloy high-strength steel plate produced in accordance with the Japanese standard JIS G3106. It is a grade of Japanese Industrial Standards. S stands for steel, 520 is the lower limit tensile strength of 520MPa, and B is steel
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Technical data sheet of S355K2W steel plate

S355K2W steel plate heat treatment delivery status: hot rolled, normalizedS355K2W steel sheet chemical composition and melting analysis: Grade C Si Mn P S Ni Cr ≤0.16 ≤0.5 0.5-1.5 ≤0.025 ≤0.025
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Technical data sheet of S420N steel plate

S420N steel plate implementation technical standard: EN 10025-3.
S420N steel sheet delivery status: normalizing rolling, normalizingS420N steel plate carbon equivalent: Grade Maximum carbon equivalent % Thickness(mm) ≤63 ≤1
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Is the wear resistance coefficient of wear resistant AR400 steel sheet recognized

The wear resistant AR400 steel sheet on the market is very good, and the wear resistance coefficient has always been more recognized. Wear-resistant steel is a type of steel material widely used. The material of this product has been continuously improved
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-12-13 08:34:34

What are the steps and required power for AR500 armor plate welding

There are many welding methods for AR500 armor plates, but no matter which welding method, the following steps should be followed:1. It is best to prepare a sample of AR500 armor plate as the standard for mass production in the future.2. When AR500 armor
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-12-09 18:01:21

How about the toughness of wear steel NM400 plate

For the production of various mechanical equipment on the market, if good wear resistance is required, wear steel NM400 plates are basically selected.The wear steel NM400 plate is a material with high toughness. NM400 material has very good crack resistan
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-12-09 18:00:11

Why is NM400 wear steel plate recognized in mine operation

In mine operation, NM400 wear steel plate is indispensable. During mine operation, there are many transportation equipment, which have high requirements for wear resistance. Wear resistance is a relatively important requirement index, and the reliability
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-12-07 17:24:13

Advantages and use of NM500 hot rolled steel plate

Through effective process, NM500 hot rolled steel plate can not only maintain higher hardness, but also maintain core components. NM500 steel plate is not only wear-resistant, but also can be bent and welded, and can be used with other equipment. This kin
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What is the price of AR400 wear-resistant steel plate

Wear resistant steel plates are divided into different grades according to their wear resistance coefficient. For example, there are AR400 wear-resistant steel plate and AR500 wear-resistant steel plate. The application fields of wear-resistant steel plat
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1094 tons ASTM A36 Steel Coil to Chile

1. Background Information
This is one of our customers in Chile, they are big steel tower manufacturer in Chile, who has regular demand on steel products. They know about us from one local friend in Chile who had ever been living in China for almost 10 y
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-12-02 14:34:28

The wear resistance of AR500 wear-resistant steel plate determines its high cost performance

Steel plate is a relatively strong metal material, and it has better performance than metal composed of single elements. The main materials of AR500 wear-resistant steel plates are still carbon and iron, but the addition of manganese, sulfur, phosphorus a
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-12-02 10:33:01

How to choose the cutting method of AR400 wear-resistant steel plate

We need to pay attention to the hardness when cutting the plate. The hardness of AR400 wear-resistant steel plate is related to its thickness. The AR400 wear-resistant steel plate on the market is divided into thin and thick plate. Thick AR400 plates are
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-12-02 10:31:38

Performance and use of NM500 plate

The main performance of NM500 plate is wear resistance and rigidity. It does well in various environments that need to withstand greater wear force.Strong wear resistance determines that NM500 plate can be used in mine development, drilling and other aspe
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-30 17:24:16

How to judge the authenticity of NM400 wear plate

NM400 wear plate is a special steel plate for construction machinery. It has strong hardness and toughness, which can resist a large range of external impact and ensure production safety. However, there will be a phenomenon of replacing it with similar ra
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-30 17:23:14

What are the advantages of NM400 wear-resistant steel plate laser cutting

The laser is a very powerful light source. People use it to cut and can make full use of its advantages. NM400 wear-resistant steel plates usually use lasers when processing medium and thin plates. It can maintain a stable straight line propagation during
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-27 16:33:07

Several wear conditions of NM400 wear-resistant steel plate

No matter how hard the steel plate is, it will wear. The same is true for NM400 wear-resistant steel plate. After knowing its wear principle, you will know how to prevent and solve the wear problem.The common wear is contact wear, also known as abrasive w
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-26 09:59:52

Dominica Republic - 1331 Ton Q355B (A572Gr50, A992) H Beams

1.Background information
Our customer was established in 1901, it is a multinational company in Dominica republic. We started our cooperation since end of the year 2020. they said there are a big market for H beams in south American, they would like to e
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-11-25 16:22:49

1052 tons Q235B ERW Pipe to Columbia

1. Background Information
Colombian customers need thin-walled steel pipes, which have high technical requirements.These steel pipes are used to assemble air coolers in cement plants.
We have been in pipe line for decades years. We are one of biggest in
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-11-25 16:02:54

What are the characteristics of AR400 wear-resistant steel plate

Now the development of the steel field is becoming faster and faster, and a variety of wear-resistant steel plates will be used in the steel field. What are the characteristics of AR400 wear-resistant steel plate?First, from its name, we can know that wea
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-24 09:32:36

What is alloy spring steel

Alloy spring steel is based on carbon steel, by adding one or several alloying elements to improve the mechanical properties, hardenability and other properties of the steel, so as to meet the requirements of manufacturing various springs.  The basic comp
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-24 09:30:35

Why does AR400 wear resistant steel plate crack during processing

At present, AR400 wear resistant steel plate is used in various heavy industries. It is an indispensable existence in industrial production and manufacturing. However, in industrial application, many people will find that it is easy to crack when processi
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-22 11:11:47

High quality performance of AR400 wear resistant steel plate

Wear resistant steel plate has become more and more widely used in modern society. One of the main forms of this universality is that it has high hardness and can be applied to many fields. Among many wear-resistant steel plates, AR400 wear resistant stee
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-18 13:56:32

What fields are AR400 wear-resistant steel plate mainly used in

Now, according to the different hardness, wear-resistant steel plates are divided into various grades. For example, AR400 wear-resistant steel plate. What fields does it mainly apply to? This is what most people want to know.AR400 wear-resistant steel pla
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-17 16:44:25

Q345GJC-Z15 structural steel for high-rise buildings

1. Q345GJC-Z15 is structural steel for high-rise buildings. Q stands for yield, 345 stands for yield strength, and GJ stands for "high-build" in Chinese. Z15 stands for performance in the thickness direction. The same series grades are Q345GJC-Z
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-17 16:39:31

Properties and application of 16MnD5 steel

16MnD5 steel is generally used in the quenched and tempered state, and the temperature range is -20~425℃.16MnD5 steel mechanical properties:
Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥620(63)
Yield strength σs (MPa): ≥375(38)
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-13 09:07:32

16MnD5 steel introduction and chemical composition

16MnD5 medium carbon quenched and tempered steel has higher strength, toughness and hardenability than 45# steel. It can obtain better comprehensive mechanical properties after quenching and tempering. The cutting performance of 16MnD5 steel is good, but
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-13 09:06:24

What are the skills of steel plate cutting

When carrying out steel plate cutting, the precision specification is an important index value. If the processing precision of raw materials cannot be standardized during processing, it is very easy to endanger the actual effect of raw material manufactur
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-11 14:50:15

European standard high strength S460N plate

S460N plate belongs to the European standard high-strength steel plate with high strength. Especially in the normalizing or normalizing and tempering state, S460N steel plate has high comprehensive mechanical properties.S460NL European standard high-stren
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-09 09:57:48

Chemical composition of Q420FTC wind tower steel plate

Q420FTC plate is a structural steel plate for wind power towers. It is a low-alloy high-strength steel used to manufacture buildings, bridges, and power grids. The steel index of the wind tower plate is required to be high, not only the strength is high,
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-09 09:16:37

Mechanical properties and application of Q345qDNH steel plate

Q345qDNH steel plate is delivered in hot rolled, normalized or thermomechanical rolled state. The thickness of Q345qDNH steel plate is not more than 150mm, and the yield ratio is not more than 0.85. Q345qDNH steel plate is mainly used to build railway or
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-05 09:19:00

Q345qDNH steel plate for railway or highway bridge

The Q345qDNH steel grade is composed of the Chinese phonetic alphabet representing the yield strength, the minimum yield strength value specified, the Chinese phonetic alphabet first letter of the bridge (resistance, weathering) character, and the quality
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-05 09:15:10

What is S355G8+M hydropower steel

1. The applicable standard of S355G8+M hydroelectric steel is BS EN10225. S355G8+M hydroelectric steel is a series of high-strength structural steel products with good comprehensive mechanical properties, welding properties and process properties. It is s
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-03 09:42:01

P275NH steel plate performance and application description

1. P275NH steel plate belongs to boiler vessel plate, normalized weldable fine grain steel. Implementation of European standard: EN10028-3, number: 1.0487. The size, shape and allowable deviation of the steel plate shall meet the requirements of 2007+A1:2
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-11-03 09:33:56

Korea 357 tons STKR490A square tube

1. Background Information
Henan Bebon Iron &Steel has the very good cooperation with a Korean customer. He is our regular customer. We cooperated with each other since 2013. Every year they purchased more than 800,000 USD every kind of steel products
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-10-30 11:10:47

SA299GrB steel plate for pressure vessels

1. SA299GrB steel plate is a carbon-manganese-silicon steel plate for pressure vessels in the ASME standard. It is a boiler drum steel and is often used in the manufacture of coal-fired generator set boilers and drums. SA299GrB steel plate is killed steel
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-30 10:11:11

American standard pressure vessel grade SA285GrC plate

1. SA285GrC plate is an American standard pressure vessel steel plate, which complies with the ASME standard. SA285GrC steel plate has high strength and high toughness, and the steel plate has good welding performance and processing performance. SA285GrC
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-30 10:07:38

1156 Tons SS400 Checkered Plates fabrication products to Vietnam

1. Background Information:
Our customer is the leading Joint Stock Company in Vietnam. They are main contractor for large and key national projects.And they has 2 factories manufacturing equipment and steel structures.
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-10-28 11:01:05

15Mo3 pearlitic heat-resistant steel

1. 15Mo3 steel belongs to the pearlitic heat-resistant steel, which implements the DIN17155 standard. It is a steel grade that can show characteristics even under long-term load at higher temperatures. It is used for the heating surface of low and medium
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-28 09:50:00

Chemical composition of 20MnSi alloy steel sheet

1. 20MnSi steel sheet is an alloy structural steel plate. Due to its high strength and better comprehensive performance, it is widely used in the production of steel structure, construction, machine parts and various standard parts.2. Chemical composition
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-28 09:45:10

Q345FTC steel plate for wind power tower

1. Q345FTC steel plate is a steel for wind power tower. When the steel plate is required to have thickness direction performance, the symbols Z15, Z25, Z35 representing the function level in the thickness direction shall be added after the grade.Q345FTC s
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-26 15:35:11

What is 35CrMo alloy structural steel plate

1. 35CrMo plate is an alloy structural steel plate. 35CrMo steel plate has high static strength, impact toughness and high fatigue limit, higher hardenability than 40Cr, high creep strength and lasting strength at high temperature, and long-term working t
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-26 13:45:52

Technical parameters of 20CrMo alloy steel plate

1. 20CrMo plate is an alloy structural steel plate, used to make various alloy structural steels and their parts, such as power station boiler superheater headers and large-diameter tube plate structural parts.2. Chemical composition of 20CrMo alloy steel
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-25 09:53:33

High temperature and high pressure resistant 11CrMo9-10 vessel plate

1. 11CrMo9-10 belongs to the European standard high temperature and high pressure vessel plate, corresponding to China's 2.25Cr-1Mo pearlitic heat-resistant steel. 11CrMo9-10 vessel plate has good process and mechanical properties. 11CrMo9-10 stee
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-19 14:43:55

Application and treatment method of chrome plating in mold

Chrome plating of the mold is to improve the smooth and bright surface of the mold, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, rust prevention, easy demolding, lower friction coefficient, and non-sticking performance. In the stamp
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-19 14:07:24

SMA400AW, SMA400BW, SMA400CW corrosion-resistant steel plate

1. SMA400AW, SMA400BW, and SMA400CW belong to the Japanese standard corrosion-resistant steel plate, which implements the JIS G3114 standard. SMA400AW, SMA400BW, SMA400CW corrosion-resistant steel plate has the characteristics of rust resistance, corrosio
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-16 15:21:10

What are the pre-weld technical preparations for large-scale steel frame welding

Large-scale steel frame welding processing is usually used for the base support of some heavy construction machinery and automation equipment, which can assist these equipment to work more safely and smoothly. In the welding process of large steel frames,
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-16 15:11:22

Requirements for steel gratings used in water treatment

Steel gratings are widely used due to their large bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, and beautiful appearance. Among them, the wide application of steel grating products in sewage treatment plants requires special characteristics.Take the sewage trea
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-13 09:57:55

Maintenance method of hot-dip galvanized steel grating

Long-term use and maintenance of steel gratings are skillful. You must develop a good habit of regular cleaning and regular inspections, and maintain them properly. There is generally no problem with steel gratings after 30 years of use. The specific main
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-12 15:57:54

Why should weathering steel landscape be treated with rust?

Weathering steel landscape is often placed outdoors for a long time, but it is rarely heard of corrosion or other problems. It can often be placed for several years, so why is weathering steel landscape placed outdoors for several years without corrosion?
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-11 10:00:49

Tube sheet production standard

As we all know, tube sheets are an indispensable part of our lives, and are generally suitable for industries such as tube heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels, steam turbines, and large central air conditioners. A good product can bring us benefits
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-09 13:53:46

Types of penstock channel gates

Classification of penstock channel gates:
1. According to the working nature of the penstock channel gate, it can be divided into service gate, bulkhead gate and emergency gate. The material of the gate is divided into cast iron gate, ball milled cast ir
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-10-08 13:28:13

Prefabrication of tank shell plate of stainless steel storage tank

Stainless steel storage tanks are sanitary and clean stainless steel vessels and equipment with single-layer or multi-layer vertical or horizontal structure. It is an intermediate buffer and liquid storage equipment commonly used in pharmaceutical, bioeng
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-09-29 17:56:42

Purpose of perforated metal sheet plate

Nowadays, stainless steel perforated metal sheet plate is more and more widely used. Continuous forming of curtain wall perforated metal sheet plate: forming processing methods with larger die size than perforated metal sheet plate, such as large-size lou
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-09-29 17:56:13

Standards verified by bridge steel formwork manufacturers

Standards verified by bridge steel formwork manufacturers:
The bridge steel formwork and its support must be firm, rigid and stable, and sufficient support area is necessary.The problems of bridge steel formwork include inaccurate cross-section size, exc
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-09-27 14:05:05

How to prevent flooding in the oil tank farm of the gas station in heavy rainfall weather

The oil tank area of the gas station must do the following emergency work to prevent rainstorms to ensure the safety of the gas station:The gas station built on the side of the hillside, check and maintain the gas station separation wall before the rainy
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-09-26 16:36:29

Management countermeasures for oil tanks in gas stations in winter

In winter, the outdoor temperature in many areas has reached below zero, but the oil tanks of underground gas stations generally maintain zero temperature. The temperature difference between the ground above and below makes the diesel fuel entering the ta
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-09-23 13:57:02

The role of sluice gate / penstock

The sluice gate / penstock is an important part of hydraulic structures, used to open or close the water discharge orifice, and plays a role in controlling the water level, adjusting the flow, and changing the flow channel.The main components of the sluic
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-09-18 09:40:14

Why optimize the hydropower station bifurcated pipe structure

In the past two to three decades, domestic and foreign water conservancy and hydropower undertakings have developed vigorously. Penstock is an integral part of water conveyance structures in water conservancy and hydropower projects. When a steel pipe nee
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-09-17 09:39:34

Custom made carbon steel weldments

Basic information of carbon steel weldments:
Sheet metal material: carbon steel steel plates
Processing size / length * width * height: customized (mm)
Blanking method: shearing machine
Tolerance: 0.1Processing procedures: the processing procedures in
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-09-17 09:35:48

What are the main features of steel forgings

The main features of steel forgings:
1. Large weight range. Forgings can be as small as a few grams to as large as hundreds of tons.2. Higher quality than castings. Forgings have better mechanical properties than castings, and can withstand large impact
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-09-15 09:50:14

400 tons Q355B SAWH pile pipes to Uruguay

1.Background information
In 2020, our customer Uruguayan state-owned oil company ANCAP has established working contact with us via e-mail. Knowing that they need to purchase pile pipes for their river embankment protection project, then according to the
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-09-13 18:28:46

407.80 tons 42CrMo4 hot rolled steel strips to Turkey

1.Background Information
This customer is a well-known automobile spare parts manufacturer from Turkey. They purchased 407.80 tons 42CrMo4 hot rolled steel strips for producing automotive engine chain.This is our first time to cooperate with each other.
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-09-13 17:55:25

Thailand-1121.10 Tons ABS A Shipbuilding Angle Bar

1.Background Information
Bebon start cooperate with this Thailand shipyard since 2014, we supplied them the shipbuilding plate, bulb flat & angle bar which mainly used to build the ship. On 2017 & 2018 we visit them in Thailand, which make us hav
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-09-13 17:30:02

Thailand - 302 tons SS304 seamless pipe

1.Background Information
This is our regular customer in Thailand that we cooperated since 2015. In Nov,2020, they have demand for the 304 welding pipe with the size 50.8*1.25mm for heat exchanger project. But considering high import tax in Thailand for
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-09-13 17:08:16

470 Tons Seamless Pipe and Fittings To Sultanate of Oman

1.Background Information
The customer company is a privately owned company located in Salalah, Sultanate of Oman, they are producing reinforcement steel bars for local and international clients. In 2020, they would like to build a new factory, they need
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-09-13 15:44:10

567 tons Q235B Milling Plate to Singapore

1.Background Information
Since 2016, we supply four type products of Q235B Milling plate to Singapore which is used as X-Ray equipment, client will do the next stage processing after the goods arrived Singapore. During our cooperation, we visit our clien
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-09-13 14:58:16

Mozambique-150 pieces fuel dispenser

1.Background Information
In Nov, 2018, our Mozambique customer purchased large quantity of steel sectors from BBN for building 10 units of gas station.And they purchased 30 units again for gas station in 2020. After that, we provide around 150 pieces fue
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-09-13 14:07:23

652 tons S690QL,Q690E,Q690D steel plate to Korea

1.Background Information
Our client using our steel plate and then fabricate to of machine parts and export to Carter excavator company in USA.They have purchased 652 tons S690QL,Q690D,Q690E high tensile steel plate (thickness range :20mm- 280mm)from us
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-09-13 13:41:57

2376 tons ASTM A36 Steel Plate to Abidjan

1. Background Information
This client is a big EPC company in west Africa Abidjan . This year they purchased 2376 tons A36 steel plate for making oil tank. Due to they are cheated by other supplier,they also appointed Third party visit our workshop and i
Category: [Case Show] Time:2021-09-13 11:37:03

What process is steel forging

Steel forging is a processing method that uses forging machinery to apply pressure to metal blanks to produce plastic deformation to obtain forgings with certain mechanical properties, certain shapes and sizes. It is one of the two major components of for
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-09-13 09:51:53

What are the functions of box girder in the production of bridge formwork

The bridge formwork is made up of three parts: the bottom mold, the outer mold, and the inner mold: the first is the bottom mold. The box girder can be poured with more than 530 tons of concrete at a time. In addition, the girder bridge template weighs mo
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-09-09 11:30:30

How to control the thickness of bridge steel formwork

As we all know, bridge steel formwork manufacturers need to pay attention to its thickness during the manufacturing process. This factor directly affects the subsequent construction and use. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness con
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-09-08 18:13:21

Maintenance steps of elliptical head

We supply elliptical head, butterfly head, large diameter head, spherical head, pressure vessel head, boiler head, etc. with complete specifications and models and quality assurance.Maintenance steps of elliptical head:
1. The chloride ion content of wat
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Application of perforated metal plate

Perforated metal plate refers to punching holes of different shapes on the same material to meet different needs. It can be used for environmental protection and noise control barriers in traffic and municipal facilities such as expressways, railways and
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Main factors affecting tubesheet corrosion

The main factors affecting tubesheet corrosion are:
(1) Medium composition and concentration: the influence of concentration is different. For example, in hydrochloric acid, the greater the concentration, the more serious the corrosion. Carbon steel and
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Flat steel for automobile girder

The flat steel for automobile girder (longitudinal beam and cross beam) is usually low alloy hot rolled steel with thickness of 2.5-12.0mm. The shape of automobile girder is complex, which requires good stamping performance in addition to high strength an
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Process flow of oil storage tank shell plate

The single tank volume of oil storage tank is often very large, and the product quality requirements are also very high. In particular, the shell plates of large oil storage tanks are prefabricated and processed in the manufacturing plant, including arc r
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NP550 steel plate mechanical performance and characteristics

1. The same series of NP550 steel include NP370, NP450, NP500, etc.2. NP550 steel plate is based on the rare high-hardness and ultra-high-hardness special protective steel in China, and has developed a thin steel plate with high anti-elasticity, high stre
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-08-30 10:53:42

Atmospheric corrosion resistant Q420qDNH bridge steel plate

1. Q420qDNH atmospheric corrosion resistant bridge steel plate chemical composition (mass fraction) /%: Grade C Si Mn Nb V Ti Cr Ni Cu N Al Mo Q420qNH ≤0.11 0.15-0.5 1.1-1.5 0.01-0.1 0.01-0.1 0.006-0.0
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Heat treatment and properties analysis of 08Ni3DR steel plate

1. 08Ni3DR steel plate implementation specification: GB/T 35312. 08Ni3DR steel description: 08: nominal carbon content is 0.08%, practical content does not exceed 0.10%; Ni3: Ni (nickel) nominal content is 3%, practical content is 3.25%-3.70% , DR means f
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-08-26 10:04:50

Q355ND-Z35 steel plate chemical and mechanical properties

1. Q355ND-Z35 steel plate chemical composition:
Carbon C: not more than 0.20
Silicon Si: not more than 0.5
Mn: 0.90-1.65
Phosphorus P: 0.030
Sulfur S: 0.030
Nb: 0.005-0.05
Vanadium V: 0.01-0.12
Titanium Ti: 0.006-0.05
Cr: not more than 0.30
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S460N-Z35 steel plate product analysis

S460N-Z35 steel plate is a European standard steel with high strength, especially in the normalizing or normalizing and tempering state, it has higher comprehensive mechanical properties. S460N-Z35 performance specification: EN10025-3.Mechanical propertie
Category: [Company News] Time:2021-08-24 09:46:43
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