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Heat-resistant HII steel plate

Introduction to HII steel plate:
HII steel plate belongs to heat-resistant steel. Heat-resistant steel refers to the steel that can show characteristics under high temperature, local temperature can reach 600℃, and long-term load. HII steel plate shall b
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SA515 Gr60 American standard vessel plate

SA515 Gr60 vessel plate introduction:
SA515 Gr60 vessel plate belongs to carbon steel plate for medium and low temperature pressure vessels. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power station, boiler and other industries, and is used to manufacture
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Introduction to S420NL steel plate

S420NL steel plate is high strength alloy steel plate. The yield strength value of the steel plate cannot be less than 420Mpa. S420NL steel plate needs to ensure the performance and surface quality, and the technical standard requirements are relatively s
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S355J2+N Q355ND steel plate comparative analysis in performance and application

S355J2+N steel plate is a grade of European standard alloy structural steel plate, which implements EN10025-2 technical standard;While Q355NE steel plate is a steel grade of Chinese standard material, which is subject to GB1591-2018 technical conditions.T
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S355NL steel plate meaning and application

Terms of S355NL steel plate:
S355NL steel plate is an alloy structural steel plate, in which "S" represents a structural steel, "355" represents the yield strength of the steel plate, "N" represents the delivery status of th
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Performance comparison between S355K2+N steel plate and Q355NE steel plate

Standard analysis of S355K2+N steel plate and Q355NE steel plate:
S355K2+N steel plate is the European standard alloy structural steel plate, and the technical standard is EN10025-2; The Q355NE steel plate is a national standard alloy steel plate, and th
Category: [Company News] Time:2023-01-09 15:10:33

Material analysis and delivery status of P235GH steel plate

Material analysis of P235GH steel plate:
P235GH steel plate is a European standard pressure vessel steel plate, and its corresponding number is 1.0345. It is classified as non alloy quality steel according to EN10020 classification rules for steel plate
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Scope of application of EN 10025 S420NL steel plate

Introduction to S420NL steel plate:
S420NL steel is a fine grain structural steel. It is a high-strength steel plate under the European standard EN 10025. S420NL steel plate has higher comprehensive mechanical properties in the normalized or normalized p
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DIN 17102 StE460 steel plate properties

Introduction to StE460 steel plate:
StE460 plate is a German standard steel plate. StE460 belongs to fine grain steel. StE460 steel plate is used for car longitudinal beams, cross beams and other structural parts that require excellent cold formability a
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What is P355NL2 steel plate

P355NL2 steel plate is European standard vessel steel plate, which is normalized and weldable fine grain steel plate. There are four grades: P355N (room temperature), P355NH (high temperature), P355NL1 (low temperature) and P355NL2 (special low temperatur
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The steel output of Ukraine may double in 2023

Recently, the Ukraine Renewable Metals Association said that in 2022, the annual steel output of Ukraine will reach 6.5 million tons, down 69.5% year on year; The purchase of scrap steel will reach 930,000 tons, down 77.5% year on year. In 2023, the outpu
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Chemical composition of Q370R steel plate

Q370R steel plate belongs to boiler and pressure vessel plate.
Executive standard: GB713.
"Q" stands for yield strength, "370" stands for yield value (MPa), and R stands for vessel steel.
The old standard grade is 15MnNbR.Chemical c
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What is Q690D steel plate

Q690D steel plate belongs to high-strength welded structural steel. Where Q represents the yield strength, 690 represents the yield strength value, and D represents the grade of steel plate. The quality grades are A, B, C, D and E. The impact of Q690 grad
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-12-28 13:53:11

16Mo3 steel plate for boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing

With excellent performance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, 16Mo3 steel is often used as a weldable steel in the manufacture of boilers and widely used in the oil and gas chemical industries.The standard implemented by 16Mo3 steel plate is: EN10
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-12-26 16:06:40

High strength Q960E steel plate

Q960E steel plate belongs to high-strength quenched and tempered steel plate. Q means yield of steel plate, with yield strength of 960, and E of Q960E means -40 ˚C impact.Q960E steel plate not only has very high strength, but also has certain toughness, i
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What material is 15CrMo alloy structural steel

15CrMo alloy structural steel is a pearlitic heat-resistant steel with high thermal strength at high temperature( δ B ≥ 440MPa) and oxidation resistance, and has certain hydrogen corrosion resistance. Due to the high content of Cr, C and
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Introduction to NM450 steel plate

NM450, NM indicates wear resistance, and 450 indicates that the average Brinell hardness is about 450. NM450 steel is widely used in metallurgical industry, road construction industry, sand mill barrel, blade, U-shaped dump truck, various cargo yards, wha
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-12-22 11:14:17

Characteristics differences of S355NL, S355ML and Q345 steel plates

Characteristics of S355NL steel plate: impact absorption energy test shall be conducted in a low temperature environment of -50℃, and the impact value shall not be less than 27J.Characteristics of S355ML steel plate: the yield value will decrease with the
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-12-19 17:42:12

What is the application difference between S355NL, S355ML and Q345 steel plates

Use of S355NL steel plates: It is used in construction machinery, mining machinery, metallurgy and environmental protection, water conservancy and hydropower and other structural parts.Use of S355ML steel plates: widely used in bridges, vehicles, ships, b
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-12-19 17:34:29

P460NL1 steel plate for pressure equipment

The performance standard of P460NL1 steel plate is EN10028-3, number: 1.8915. P460NL1 is a normalizing weldable fine grain steel, which is understood as a steel with a ferrite grain size of 6 or finer after testing according to EURONORM103. P460NL1 steel
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-12-15 11:35:29

AISI 1035, 1040, 1045, 1050, 1055 steel plates

1035, 1040, 1045, 1050 and 1055 are high-quality carbon structural steel plates, which comply with AISI standards.Characteristics of 1035, 1040, 1045, 1050, 1055 steel plates:
After quenching, the steel has high strength and hardness, and medium machinab
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-12-15 11:27:21

Quenched and tempered NM550 wear resistant steel plate

NM550 wear resistant steel plate is mainly used for the processing and manufacturing of wear-resistant and vulnerable parts for mines, coal mines, environmental protection, ventilation equipment, dump trucks and various engineering machinery.Wear plate NM
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-12-13 11:40:36

75Cr1 mould steel plate properties and application

75Cr1 material is steel plate for mould, and the thickness is generally more than 8mm.Chemical composition of 75Cr1 mould steel plate: 0.7-0.8% C, 0.25-0.50% Si, 0.5-0.7% Mn, 0.3-0.4% Cr, P ≤ 0.035%, S ≤ 0.035%. It is a cold working tool ste
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-12-13 11:34:28

SA533 GrB CL1 and SA533 GrB CL2 steel plates properties and application

Heat treatment of SA533 GrB CL1 and SA533 GrB CL2 steel plates: the steel plates shall be subject to heat treatment, heated to a suitable temperature within the range of 1550-1800°F (845-980℃), and the holding time shall meet the requirements of u
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SM490YB steel plate properties and application

Implementation standard of SM490YB steel plate: JIS G3106.
The standard, shape, quality and tolerance of SM490YB steel plate shall comply with JIS G3192, JIS G3193 and JIS G3194.SM490YB steel plate belongs to low alloy high-strength steel with strength &
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-12-07 11:45:01

High strength structural steel S500Q plate

S500Q steel plate is used in construction machinery, mining machinery and coal mining machinery, such as hydraulic support, crane extension arm, crane extension arm, excavator support arm, etc. High strength structural steel S500Q plate is mainly used for
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-12-05 10:23:17

Chemical composition and mechanical properties of Q620MC steel plate

Q620MC steel plate is a low alloy high-strength structural steel plate for general structure and engineering. The title of the steel plate consists of four parts: the Chinese phonetic alphabet Q representing the word "yield" of the yield strengt
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CCS FH40 steel plate for high-strength ships and offshore platforms

CCS FH40 steel plate executive standard: GB/T712
Delivery status of CCS FH40 steel plate: delivery in normalized, TMCP (temperature deformation controlled rolling), QT (quenching+tempering) heat treatment status. The demander can select the heat treatmen
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Analysis of tensile yield and elongation of AS3678-350 steel plate

The AS3678-350 material is an Australian low-alloy high-strength material with a thickness of more than 8mm, of which 350 refers to the yield strength of the material.AS3678-350 steel plate smelting composition: C content is 0.15-0.19; Si content is 0.30-
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-12-01 09:38:45

Q345HD nuclear steel plate technical parameters

Q345HD belongs to the category of nuclear power steel in carbon steel plate, where "Q" represents the yield of steel plate, "345" represents its yield degree, which is the smaller yield strength value in production regulations, and &qu
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-29 10:57:33

Q460NHC-Z15 weathering steel properties

Q460NHC-Z15 weathering steel standard: GB/T4171; Q460NHC-Z15 material introduction: Q means the yield strength, and 460 is the lower yield strength of steel; NH means weather resistant, C is the quality level, and C is the -0℃ impact. Q460NHC is an atmosp
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-29 10:54:19

Low alloy high strength SA737 grade B SA737 GrC steel plate for pressure vessels

SA737 grade B and SA737 GrC steel plates are low alloy high strength pressure vessel steel plates complying with the standards of American Mechanical Engineering Association.SA737 grade B, SA737 GrC steel plate heat treatment and implementation standards:
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-24 16:57:56

American standard A709-50F-2 bridge steel plate

A709-50F-2 bridge steel plate chemical composition:
C Carbon:≤0.23;
Si Si: 0.15-0.40;
Mn Mn:≤1.35;
S Sulfur:≤0.02;Application scope of A709-50F-2 steel plate:
A709-50F-2 steel plate is mostly used for manufactur
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-24 16:54:45

SA738 GrB vessel steel plate for nuclear power

SA738 GrB steel plate is American standard vessel steel plate used for nuclear power.Delivery status and executive standard of SA738 GrB vessel steel plate:
Delivery status: quenching+tempering. Different delivery conditions can be selected according to
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-21 14:07:37

Chemical composition and mechanical properties of S355N/S355NL steel plate

S355N/S355NL steel plate is a hot-rolled structural steel product in accordance with the European standard EN10025-3. Other materials in the same series include S275N/S275NL, S420N/S420NL, S460N/S460NL, etc.The full name of EN10025-3 standard is normalizi
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-21 13:55:33

China's steel exports exceeded expectations

Since this year, despite the complex and severe international environment, China's steel exports have exceeded expectations, including both direct and indirect steel exports. According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs, fr
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-18 11:01:09

A572 Gr50 structural steel plate properties and use

A572 Gr50 high-strength low alloy niobium vanadium structural steel plate executive standard ASTM A572/A572M.Delivery status of A572 Gr50 structural steel plate: hot rolling or normalizing+tempering. The specific delivery status shall be indicated in the
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-16 11:16:23

Chemical composition of P690QH steel plate

P690QH is a welded fine grain steel, European standard container plate, which can provide technical requirements: flaw detection, Z15-Z35 thickness direction performance requirements, high strength and high toughness requirements, etc.Chemical composition
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-16 11:11:01

C45 carbon steel properties and equivalent grades

Chemical composition of C45 carbon steel:
Carbon C: 0.42 - 0.50, silicon Si: ≤ 0.40, manganese Mn: 0.50 - 0.80, sulfur S: ≤ 0.045, phosphorus P: ≤ 0.045, chromium Cr: ≤ 0.40, nickel Ni: ≤ 0.40, molybdenum Mo: ≤ 0
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-14 14:34:00

Advantages of high manganese non-magnetic steel

High manganese non-magnetic steel has the advantages of low temperature impact resistance, low magnetism and nonmagnetism of stainless steel, as well as the advantages of excellent mechanical properties, easy welding and other processing properties of car
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-14 14:31:36

Grade extension and meaning of European standard high-strength steel plate S355J2

S355J2 is a low alloy high-strength steel. The executive standard of S355J2 is the European standard: EN10025-2, which can meet the requirements of Z-15, Z-25, Z-35 and Level I, II and III UT test.High-strength steel plate S355J2 extension grade:
The ext
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-10 16:54:47

Where can SS400 steel be used

SS400 is a Japanese standard carbon structural steel. The standard of SS400 is JIS G3101.SS400 steel is actually Q235 in China, but there are differences in specific indicators. Q235 requires the content of C, Si, Mn, S, P and other elements, but for SS40
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-10 16:48:21

Tensile yield parameters of S355k2 steel plate

S355k2 grade analysis, S represents structural steel, 355 represents the specified minimum yield point (MPa), which will be reflected in its mechanical properties, K2 represents that the impact energy at - 20 ℃ is not less than 40J (K represents the requi
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-08 11:41:37

Technical parameters of AISI 1030 steel plate

AISI 1030, grade: 1030 special steel, American special steelAISI 1030 delivery status: normalizing.AISI 1030 steel plate chemical composition: C: 0.32-0.4; Si:0.17-0.37; Mn:0.4-0.7; S≤0.035; P≤0.035AISI 1030 steel plate thickness: 8-120mmThe
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-08 11:38:10

SA285 GrC pressure vessel steel plate rolling process and application

SA285 GrC is medium and low strength carbon steel plate for pressure vessels, which belongs to boiler steel plate and is mainly used to make fixed boilers, hull boilers and other important boiler accessories.Rolling process of SA285 GrC pressure vessel st
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-03 15:02:58

Mechanical properties of SA515 Gr70 steel plate

SA515 Gr70 is an austenitic coarse grain steel for ASME pressure vessels, mainly used for manufacturing medium and high temperature welding boilers and pressure vessels.Delivery status of SA515 Gr70 steel plate: hot-rolled, normalized, and the specific de
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-11-03 15:00:55

X12CrMo5 steel plate chemical composition

X12CrMo5 steel plate is a steel plate used for European pressure vessels and is a high temperature resistant alloy structural steel plate, which is used to manufacture reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, oil and gas tanks, liquefied ga
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-31 14:54:53

The carbon content of SM400 steel plate varies with the thickness

Introduction to SM400 steel plate grade
SM400 steel plate is a Japanese steel grade. It is a carbon structural steel plate for engineering structure and also used for welding engineering. SM400 steel grades cover SM400A and SM400B.The chemical compositio
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-31 14:11:54

Global steel demand will increase slightly in 2023

On October 19, the World Iron and Steel Association released the latest short-term (2022-2023) steel demand forecast report. The report shows that the global steel demand will decline by 2.3% to 1.7967 billion tons in 2022 after the growth of 2.8% in 2021
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Specific application of 38CrMoAl steel plate

38CrMoAl steel plate is widely used for nitriding parts with accurate size after heat treatment, or various nitriding parts with low impact load and high wear resistance, such as boring bar, grinder spindle, automatic lathe spindle, worm, precision screw,
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-27 10:20:31

How about the strength, plasticity and toughness of 30CrMnSiA steel plate

Properties of 30CrMnSiA Steel
From the phase diagram of iron carbon alloy, 30CrMnSiA steel belongs to hypoeutectoid steel, and the structure after slow cooling to room temperature is ferrite+pearlite.From the classification of steel, 30CrMnSiA steel belo
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-27 10:15:45

9Ni steel plate: 9Ni490D 9Ni590A 9Ni590B

9% Ni steel plate series grade: 9Ni490D, 9Ni590A, 9Ni590B9Ni steel plate appication: natural gas storage tank (LNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) ship.
Delivery status: twice normalizing+tempering. (Steel plate with thickness of 15mm can be delivered by N
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-24 14:35:00

Application of SB480 steel plate

SB480 steel plate is a Japanese standard boiler steel plate.Executive standard of SB480 steel plate: Japanese standard JIS G3103.SB480 steel plate application equipment: reactor, heat exchanger, separator, spherical tank, oil and gas tank, liquefied gas t
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-24 14:26:28

Composition and property differences between S355J2W and S355J2WP steel plates

S355J2W steel means: S means structural steel, 355 is a yield strength of 355MPa, J2 requires -20° impact, and the letter W indicates that the S355J2W steel has the ability to resist atmospheric corrosion.S355J2WP steel means: S355J2WP is a high p
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-19 10:45:51

API 5L Gr. B MS steel plate equivalent to grade L245

API 5L Gr. B, Gr. B refers to steel grade B. The API 5L standard is implemented. The corresponding Chinese standard of the API 5L standard is GB/T9711, and the corresponding material of Gr. B is L245.Pipeline steel refers to a kind of steel with special r
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-19 10:42:27

Chemical composition and delivery status of SM490A steel plate

SM490A steel plate belongs to low alloy high-strength steel, which is a structural steel produced according to Japanese standard JIS G3106, σb is 490MPa. SM490A low alloy high strength steel plate is mainly used for buildings, bridges, ships, ra
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-17 16:43:11

American standard ASME SA387 Gr12 Cl2 steel plate

SA387 Gr12 Cl2 steel plate introduction
SA387 Gr12 Cl2 steel plate is an American standard pressure vessel steel plate. SA387 Gr12 Cl2 steel plate has the properties of preventing hydrogen embrittlement, hydrogen corrosion, hydrogen stripping and sulfide
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-17 16:41:09

Grades and application of Hardox wear-resistant steel plate

According to the hardness grade, Hardox wear-resistant steel plates are divided into: Hardox 400, Hardox 450, Hardox 500, Hardox 550, Hardox 600 and Hardox HiTuf. This means that you can always find a kind of Hardox steel plate that meets your specific ne
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-14 14:05:35

Alloy steel tubes SAE AISI 4130 4140 4340 seamless steel pipes for machinery

Alloy steel tubes SAE AISI 4130 4140 4340 seamless steel pipes can be either hot rolled or cold drawn. The technical standard is ASTM A519. A519 specification covers seamless hot rolled mechanical tubes and seamless cold drawn mechanical tubes up to 12.75
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-13 14:45:51

Low welding crack sensitivity Q690CF steel plate

Q690CF steel plate refers to a kind of steel with yield strength grade higher than 690MPa and low welding crack sensitivity.Q690CF steel plate, also known as CF (Crack Free) steel, is a kind of steel with low carbon equivalent, low Pcm value and excellent
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-13 10:46:29

Q460qD Q460qE Q460qF structural steel plates for bridges

Q460qD Q460qE Q460qF bridge steel plate executive standard GB/T714. Corresponding to HPS70W in ASTM A709, corresponding to S460N S460NL in EN10025-3, corresponding to S460M S460ML in EN10025-4, corresponding to S460Q S460QL S460QL1 in EN10025-6.Introducti
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-13 10:36:01

Non-oriented electrical steel sheet 50W800 silicon steel coil magnetic steel strip

50W800 steel is cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel, also known as 50W800 silicon steel, 50W800 magnetic steel. It is usually in form of 50W800 steel strip, 50W800 steel coil, 50W800 steel sheet. The thickness is 0.5mm, width is within 1300mm. Techn
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-12 16:49:58

Properties and application of S550Q steel plate

Specific specifications of S550Q steel plate: thickness: 8-280mm, width: 1600-4020mm, length: 6000-17500mm. S550Q plate is commonly used in the construction of hydropower stations and the manufacture of hydraulic turbines.Delivery status of S550Q steel pl
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-11 13:42:12

Low alloy high strength SM520B steel plate

SM520B is a Japanese standard low-alloy high-strength steel plate, and the executive standard is JIS G3101 rolled steels for general structures, such as buildings, bridges, ships, rail vehicles and other structures.Heat treatment of SM520B steel plate: ho
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-11 09:42:33

Application and heat treatment specification of 42CrMo alloy steel

42CrMo alloy steel has similar properties to 35CrMo steel. Due to the increase of carbon and chromium content, its strength and hardenability are better than 35CrMo alloy steel. After quenching and tempering, it has higher fatigue strength and multiple im
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-10-08 13:19:07

Delivery state and production process of 15MnNi steel plate

Delivery Condition: 15MnNi steel plate is delivered in normalized condition. Additional requirements for flaw detection standards, flaw detection grade requirements, Z-direction functional requirements, and requirements for adding alloying elements can al
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-30 16:57:10

Mechanical properties and characteristics of 30CrMnSiA steel plate

Mechanical properties of 30CrMnSiA steel plate:
Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥1080 (110), yield strength σs (MPa): ≥835 (85), elongation δ5 (%): ≥10Section shortening rate ψ (%): ≥45, impact
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-30 16:54:12

30CrMnSiA steel plate characteristics and chemical composition

30CrMnSiA steel plate is medium carbon steel, with high strength and poor welding performance. After quenching and tempering, 30CrMnSiA steel has high strength, sufficient toughness and good hardenability, and can be used as grinding wheel shaft, gear and
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-28 09:33:18

Mechanical properties of smelting components of 15MnNi steel plate

15MnNi steel plate is for nuclear power vessels. It is a steel grade formed by reducing V, P, and S on the basis of 15MnVR and adding 0.2%-0.5% Ni.Chemical composition of 15MnNi steel plate:
C: ≤0.18, Si: ≤0.15-0.35, Mn: ≤1.20-1.55,
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-28 09:30:19

EN10025-6 S620Q steel plate strength and characteristics

EN10025-6 S620Q steel plate chemical elements: C: ≤0.22, Mn: ≤1.80, Si: ≤0.86, P: ≤0.030, S: ≤0.017, N: ≤0.016, Cr: ≤1.60, B: ≤0.006, Cu: ≤0.55, Mo: ≤0.74, Nb: ≤0.07, Ni: &le
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-23 11:40:12

SA387 grade 91 steel plate for nuclear power plant

SA387 grade 91 steel plate is for nuclear power plants, SA387 grade 91 is ASME chromium molybdenum alloy steel, which has hydrogen embrittlement, hydrogen corrosion, hydrogen stripping, and sulfide corrosion properties in a medium temperature (350 - 480℃)
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-23 11:07:20

Weather resistance and composition description of Fe235W steel plate

Application of Fe235W steel plate:
Weathering steel is used for some steel structures that are exposed to the atmosphere for a long time, such as railways, vehicles, bridges, and towers. It is mostly used to manufacture structural parts such as container
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-20 10:03:13

EH500 EH550 steel plate heat treatment and properties

EH500 EH550 steel plate production process:
Steel is trained by converter or electric furnace and, if necessary, can be refined outside the furnace. The Z-direction steel plate shall be subjected to ultrasonic flaw detection, and the flaw detection level
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-20 09:59:47

API 2W-50 API 2W-60 steel plate for offshore structures

API spec 2W is the American Standard Petroleum Institute specification, thermomechanical controlled rolled TMCP steel sheet for marine structures. For welded structural parts of marine structures, steel plates in key parts must be resistant to impact, pla
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-16 14:09:09

A514 GrQ steel plate material characteristics

A514 GrQ plate is a quenched and tempered high-strength weldable steel plate under ASTM specifications. It is mainly used in places that require high tensile strength and high yield strength. A514 GrQ or A514 GrQ modified steel is generally used for lifti
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-16 14:06:11

A588 GrA A588GrB A588GrK steel plate mechanical properties and melting components

Chemical composition of A588M Gr (A, B, K) steel plate:
C≤0.19, Si 0.3-0.65, Mn 0.8-1.25, P≤0.03, S≤0.03, Ni≤0.4, Cr 0.4-0.65, Cu 0.25-0.4, V 0.02-0.1A588M Gr (A, B, K) weathering steel is a atmospheric corrosion-resistant hig
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-14 10:10:03

Melting composition and thickness direction properties of S355K2-Z35 steel plate

The S355K2-Z35 steel plate corresponds to the national standard Q345E-Z35, and Z35 refers to the anti-tear function in the thickness direction.Chemical composition of S355K2-Z35 steel plate:
Carbon C: ≤0.20
Manganese Mn: ≤1.60
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-14 10:06:25

S235JRG2 S235JR-Z15 S235JR+N steel plate

European standard S235JRG2 steel plate is a kind of ordinary carbon structural steel plate, which is what we often call ordinary plate, non-alloy hot-rolled structural steel. J represents the shock wave > 27; R represents the indoor temperature of 20 d
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-08 10:07:08

Corrosion resistance characteristics of SMA570P steel plate

SMA570P corrosion resistant steel plate application:
Weathering steel is made of ordinary carbon steel with a small amount of corrosion-resistant elements such as copper and nickel added. Weathering steel has the characteristics of rust resistance, corro
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-08 10:02:54

Q420D Q420MD Q420ND Q420ND-Z15 steel plate difference in heat treatment

The heat treatment process of Q420D Q420MD Q420ND Q420ND-Z15 steel plate is: hot rolling, normalizing, normalizing rolling, thermomechanical rolling, thermomechanical rolling and tempering.The meaning of each heat treatment process:
Hot-rolled / as-rolle
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-06 13:36:55

GB/T714 Q420qC, Q420qC-Z15, Q420qC-Z25 bridge steel plate

Chemical composition of Q420qC bridge steel plate:
C carbon: 0.18; Si silicon: 0.55; Mn manganese: 1.00-1.70; P phosphorus: 0.03; S sulfur: 0.025; Nb niobium: 0.06; V vanadium: 0.08; Ti titanium: 0.03; Cr chromium: 0.80; 0.70; Cu copper: 0.55; Mo molybde
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-06 11:47:01

Chemical composition and production process of EH690 marine steel

EH690 steel plate is marine engineering structural steel plate. In the construction of marine channels, it has high requirements for strength and low temperature impact resistance. EH690 marine steel requires excellent welding performance and is also very
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-01 11:38:57

Quenched and tempered high strength weldable A514 GrF steel plate

American standard A514 GrF plate is a quenched and tempered high-strength weldable steel plate under ASTM standard, which is mainly used in places that require high tensile strength and high yield, such as engineering automobile lifting gears, large excav
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-09-01 11:32:43

Use of SA203 GrD cryogenic vessel plate

SA203 GrD steel plate belongs to ultra-low temperature vessel plate, which is a kind of low-nickel alloy steel plate. SA203 GrD steel plate is divided into five grades: A, B, D, E, F. Because the nominal nickel content of the three grades of D, E, F is 3.
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-30 16:00:24

Characteristics of S55C medium carbon steel

S55C is a Japanese steel grade, and Japanese steel starts with S.S55C is a kind of special steel. S55C is colloquially called "medium carbon steel", which is iron with high carbon content and can be directly heat treated after processing.S55C me
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-30 15:56:27

2416 Tons Cutting Steel Plates to Italy

1.Background Information:
Our customer is well-known spare parts suppliers in Europe,after import,they CNC processing,welding,assembly,painting.Their products are widely used in crane booms, telescopic booms,excavators,crushers etc. And their products wi
Category: [Case Show] Time:2022-08-29 11:34:20

Brazil 336 Tons U tube 316L/410/304L/T11/S31803

1. Background Information
This is our regular customer from Brazil, we have cooperated more than 5 years since 2018 and we has good relationship with each other . They are the largest manufacture of Heat exchanger and equipment manufacturer in Brazil , e
Category: [Case Show] Time:2022-08-29 09:56:48

1336 Tons BV A Shipbuilding Plates and BV A Bulb Flats To Uganda

1. Background Information
Our customer has been commissioned to build a 1,000 tonne, 96m long purpose-built roll-on/roll-off ferry in Uganda, which will pioneer a scheduled freight ferry service to facilitate trade across Lake Victoria. The ferry will be
Category: [Case Show] Time:2022-08-27 15:18:31

10000 Tons Shipbuilding Steel Plates To Turkey

1. Background Information
BBN had cooperate with many foreign governments, shipyard or leading enterprise including Egypt, Bangladesh, Myanmar Navy, Venezuela Navy, Asimar, CDDL, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Venezuela, Peru, Iraq, etc.
Category: [Case Show] Time:2022-08-27 14:37:33

Chemical composition and performance analysis of A709-50F-2 bridge plate

A709-50F-2 steel material category: Alloy structural steel
A709-50F-2 steel plate is an American standard bridge plate used in the manufacture of riveted and bolted road and rail bridges (including sea-crossing bridges).A709 refers to the American standa
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-25 11:03:41

The detailed performance of 16Mo3 steel plate

16Mo3 is read as sixteen molybdenum three steel plates, which is named according to the content of C (carbon) and Mo (molybdenum).16Mo3 plate is a steel plate for pressure vessels, EN10028-2 specified grade chrome-molybdenum steel alloys are used at eleva
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-25 10:05:44

Chemical composition and application of 20MnMoNi55 steel

20MnMoNi55 steel is mainly used in the manufacture of methanol synthesis towers.20MnMoNi55 steel plate specification range:
20MnMoNi55: 8-150mm×1500-3900mm×3000-12000mm20MnMoNi55 steel chemical composition (melting analysis):
C 0.15-
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-24 15:18:23

BBN Steel's 9Ni steel plate passed the certification inspection of Japan Classification Society

Japan Classification Society has always been known for its strict requirements for steel plates and the audit of related materials. BBN Steel's marine ultra-low temperature toughness 9Ni steel has successfully passed the certification inspection o
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-24 14:50:42

Chemical composition and properties of P91 (10Cr9Mo1VNbN) steel

P91 steel is equivalent to the national standard 10Cr9Mo1VNbN. It not only has high oxidation resistance and high temperature steam corrosion resistance, but also has good impact toughness, high and stable durable plasticity and thermal strength. When the
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-18 13:46:49

ASME SA36 carbon steel chemical composition and performance analysis

ASME SA36 carbon steel is suitable for structural parts such as buildings, bridges, ships, and automobiles. In addition to direct differences in basic material properties such as Young's modulus and yield strength, there are further fundamental di
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-18 13:44:50

American standard SA387 Gr12 Cl2 steel chemical composition and delivery status

SA387 Gr12 Cl2 steel is an American standard pressure vessel steel plate. SA387 Gr12 Cl2 steel has the ability to prevent hydrogen embrittlement, hydrogen corrosion, hydrogen stripping, and sulfide corrosion in a medium temperature (350-480) hydrogen envi
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-16 17:04:19

Characteristics and chemical composition of 15MnV low alloy steel plate

15MnV is a low-alloy high-strength structural steel, which is developed on the basis of carbon structural steel and adding a small amount of alloying elements. It was originally called ordinary low-alloy steel.15MnV low alloy steel plate can be divided in
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-16 17:01:40

Chemical composition and properties of S690QL quenched and tempered high-strength steel

S690QL steel plate is European standard high-strength steel plate, corresponding to Chinese standard Q690E high-strength plate.Chemical composition of S690QL high-strength steel:
Element Content [Max %]:
Cu max 0.50, Mo max 0.70, Nb max 0.06, Ni max 2.0
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-12 17:44:07

Composition and performance analysis of API 2H Gr50NZ offshore platform alloy steel

API 2H Gr50NZ is steel for offshore platforms, used to make ship hulls, offshore oil production platforms, platform pipe joints and other structural parts. Executive standard: CCS/DNV/ABS/GL/LR/BV/RINA/NK/KR.API spec 2H-2006 is the standard of American Pe
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-12 17:38:00

SAE1050 spring steel meaning and application

SAE1050 implements the ASME standard. The grades of AISI and SAE (American Society of Automotive Engineers) standard structural steels are roughly the same, but the prefix symbols of the grades are somewhat different. SAE standard structural copper grades
Category: [Company News] Time:2022-08-10 10:23:23
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